Weekly-Sho Gifu Daiichi Hotel

Reasonable rates! Centrally located near JR Gifu station, let Weekly-Sho Gifu Daiichi Hotel be your business or travel base while in Japan.

Rates and Services


Room types
1,900 yen
1,700 yen
11,900 yen
Single business
2,800 yen
2,600 yen
18,200 yen
2,400 yen
72,000 yen
3,800 yen
3,600 yen
25,200 yen
3,400 yen
102,000 yen
Parking lot
700 yen
600 yen
4,200 yen
500 yen
15,000 yen
  • All rates quoted are per night per room, taxes included.No deposit required.
  • Room rates cover reasonable use of electricity, water and heating. We reserve the right to assess extra fees for excessive use.


Complimentary wireless internet access is available in all rooms. Guests must provide their own computer. Internet LAN(VDSL) access is also available in some rooms. Please inquire when you make your reservation.

Point!Non-smoking rooms

Non-smoking rooms are available on the 4th floor (5 Single S rooms, 8 Single business rooms, 1 Twin room). Please make your request at reservation time.


Extra charge of an additional person

Elementary schoolchild 500 yen
Pre-school child free
  • Single and Economy rooms are for use by one guest only. No more than 2 guests are allowed in a Twin room. Young children are allowed to stay with parents and legal guardians for an additional fee.

Pay services

CS broadcast 1,000 yen/day
towel set 100 yen/set
bed linen set 300 yen/bed
room cleaning 300 yen/room

Rental equipment

hair dryer 100 yen/day
LAN cableCblanket free
  • Towels, bed linen and room cleaning services are provided for the first day only. Please ask the reception for exchange linen or room cleaning when you need.
  • Long term guests are requested to change linen and clean rooms at least once each month (700 yen/Single room, 800 yen/Double room, 1100 yen/Twin room).
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