About Weekly-Sho

Weekly-Sho - stay for a night, or longer! All rooms are fully furnished for your comfort and convenience.

Room prices start as low as 1,900 Yen, no deposit required! Use Weekly-Sho as a hotel or an apartment!

How do we keep our rates at Weekly-Sho so low?

Room rates at Weekly-Sho are very low, so you can enjoy your stay in Japan.

How do we do it?

point 1Not open for 24 hours

Unlike more expensive hotels, the reception desk is not available for 24 hours. Reception opens promptly at 4:00 pm, and closes at 8:30 pm,(Telephone:1:30 pm - 8:00 pm), Monday through Saturday. To help us keep our rates low, we ask guests to please make their reservations, payments and service requests at that time.

point 2Room cleaning & linen

Guests are requested to take care of their room housekeeping. After the first day, towels, linens and room cleaning may be requested from reception for nominal fees.

point 3Room keys

Guests keep their keys during their stay, and should take them along when they go out of their rooms.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding about our system.


Mottoes of Weekly-Sho

  1. Focus on low rates.
  2. Don't do excessive service.
  3. How to use is up to you.

Enjoy your stay with us!