Weekly-Sho Gifu

Weekly-Sho Gifu is located in downtown Gifu City.With our reasonable rates, let Weekly-Sho Gifu be your business or travel base in Japan!

Room types and Facilities

Room types

  • Sleeping rooms do not have kitchens or bathrooms. Please note kitchen and lavatory locations on the plan above.


Each room TV, bed, desk, chair, air-conditioning, refrigerator, internet LAN(VDSL)
  • Internet LAN access is not available in all rooms. Please inquire when you make your reservation.
mPublic spacen
Each floor
lavatory, cleaner
1`5 floor
kitchen, microwave
1st floor
vending machine(juice, alcohol), pay phone, table, chair
6th floor
coin-operated shower / laundry / dryer, shampoo, soap, hair dryer, meeting room
  • Cookware and dishes are not provided in the public kitchens.
  • Coin-operated showers are available daily except during cleaning hours (9:00 am ~ 10:00 am)
m`Eb typebZoom inn
ma typebZoom inn
mKitchenbZoom inn
mCoin-operated showerb
Zoom inn
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