Sightseeing spots in Gifu City

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Sightseeing spots in Gifu City

PD The Great Buddha of Gifu (Shobo-ji)

Fucha dishesThe Great Buddha of Gifu

One of the three largest images of Buddha. It is also the biggest dry lacquer statue in Japan. The height of statue is 13.7 meters. It took as long as 38 years to accomplish it and was completed in 1832.

QD Fucha dishes (Shobo-ji)

Enjoy a traditional Buddha vegetarian dish. (reservation required)

Gifu Castle

RD Gifu Castle

Located on the summit of the Mt.Kinka, it is said that the fort was built in 1201. During the Civil Wars, the famous feudal lord, Dosan Saito and the well-known warlord, Nobunaga Oda, resided there. It revived in 1956. The highest story commands a beautiful view of clear stream Nagara River, mountains and Ise Bay.


SD Gifu Park Public Tea Ceremony House

This tea house, located in Gifu Park, is a calm and quiet atmosphere where visitors can rest. Designed in a Japanese style building, you can enjoy green tea casually.(1 bowl of tea with a Japanese sweet - 400 yen)


TD Kawara-machi (row of old houses)

The traditional-style Japanese houses stand side by side, characterized by a narrow frontage and long depth.

UD Ukai (Boat tour watching Cormorant Fishing)

Ukai is the fishing method to which a fisherman catches fish using a cormorant, and has performed for about 1300 years. (Boat tour is available from May.11 to Oct.15)

Special products of Gifu

VD Nihonizumi
(sake-maker and selling)

You can taste sake and see the sake-making place here. 9:00am`5:00pm Closed on Sundays and National holidays.

WD Ozeki (Chouchin(lantern)-maker and selling)

They make AKARI series designed by Isamu Noguchi. They are selling Sensu and Uchiwa (fans), too.

XD Asano Shouten
(Chouchin(lantern)-maker and selling)

They are selling traditional chouchin and Paper moon series designed by Shigeru Uchida.

Rent a bicycle

You can rent a bicycle for 100 Yen/day from Gifu City at the places with bicycle marks on the map.

*JR Gifu station: 9:00am`7:00pm (December to February: 9:00am`6:00pm)

*Gifu City Hall: 9:00am`5:00pm Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays

*Gifu Park: 9:00am`5:00pm Closed on Mondays. (If Monday is a National holiday, it's closed on the next day.)

Panorama Night view from Gifu Castle

Panorama night view from Gifu Castle